Disana Nappy System

A unique aspect of the Disana system is the purity and naturalness of the materials, which are free from any harmful substances and of high ecological quality.

The foundation parts of the system are the organic cotton knitted tie nappy, with soft Merino wool shorts as a waterproof cover. Over time, Disana have added further items to the range, meaning today’s parents can choose alternatives to these parts if they wish, to suit their needs and lifestyle. A key feature of the entire range is breathability – crucial for a baby’s comfort and the health of their delicate skin.

Find out more about Disana materials and the benefits of choosing a natural nappy system. 

Learn why wool is an excellent choice instead of synthetic fibres for preventing leaks. 

Read about how choosing organic cotton will benefit your baby and the environment.

The Nappy

The nappy contains the waste and is washed after each use. 20-30 of these are needed for a newborn, a few less if starting the system with an older baby.

Waterproof cover

The waterproof cover keeps the moisture in so it doesn’t go through to baby’s clothes. It is re-used over a fresh nappy repeatedly and only occasionally washed. At least 2 of these are needed.

Step by Step Guide

  • Fold the nappy in half at the ties. Lay it out with the ties closest to you and the slim part of the nappy on top of the wider part.  For smaller babies, fold the upper, broad edge of the nappy over. Depending on how much you fold this edge, you can adjust the size of your child’s nappy. The liner(s) are then added in a strip down the centre, usually a brushed cotton liner and/or muslin liner to support the absorbency, followed by a piece of paper fleece which helps you to remove coarse waste during the nappy change.

  • Place baby onto the prepared nappy package with their feet towards you. Your baby is in the perfect position if the upper edge of the nappy runs 2-3 cm above an imagined line across the belly button.

  • First pull up the liner(s) between baby’s legs, carefully holding it with one hand on the belly as shown. Now both edges (left and right) of the upper part of the nappy are folded up and also held on baby’s belly. Keep the material under easy tension.

  • Now the front part with the ties is pulled up between the legs. Here again, keep the material under easy tension, in order that there are no creases that pinch and rub on your baby.

  • In the final step the nappy’s ties are crossed under your baby’s back and pulled back to the front. Tie the ties in a bow. If your baby is very small make sure that the bow isn’t pushing on the belly button. At this point you may wish to adjust the fit of the nappy around baby’s upper thighs, tucking in the edges for a more snug fit.

  • The water impermeable and yet breathable cover is then put on over the top of the nappy, in this case the Merino wool shorts. The soft cuffs gently close the nappy package on the belly and the legs. Ensure all of the nappy is neatly tucked in under the cover.

See it in action

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