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Gemma, Dan & Baby Pearl

Alongside the excitement of expecting our first child, we also felt a sense of bamboozlement whenever we looked into getting the essential items. So much information, so many different products to choose from, so many opinions! Thankfully we were given many items from friends and family, but as we got closer to the due date, ‘the nappy choice’ still loomed large.

We knew only one thing… that we really wanted to try and avoid using disposable nappies.

Although in no way eco-superstars, like many others we had made small changes over recent years to try and live a little ‘greener’ and throwing away plastic nappy after plastic nappy just did not sit right with us. Initial brief forays into the online world of reusables rendered us shell-shocked and feeling as if we should have signed up for a degree course on the subject a long time ago! So we buried our heads in the sand for a bit longer, hoping the solution would magically present itself. When it didn’t, we realised we would have to bite the bullet and do some research. After some initial reading and looking at products online, the bewilderment was still there; so we decided to narrow the options by looking for a system that was kindest for both our baby and the environment (two aspects that are often synonymous). Low cost was also a priority, since we did not have much spare cash to pay upfront for a system.

Weeks later, after many, many hours of reading, making notes and comparing products and prices, we decided to go for the Disana system. However, getting hold of it in the recommended quantities was not straightforward, nor was finding out information about how best to use, wash and care for the nappies. Discovering a Facebook group of parents using the Disana system was invaluable, and we still find this an essential source of ongoing advice and support. Click here to visit the group on Facebook.

Using the nappies in the first few months with our daughter, many people were interested in the system; their comments indicated an increasing awareness of ‘the disposable problem’, but no knowledge of this particular option.

Whilst we understood that the Disana system would not be for everyone, we became convinced that if more people knew about it and had better access to the information required to choose and use it successfully, then collectively we may start to make an impact.

Having joined forces with several local parents also using reusable nappies, and a local waste reduction community group, we now work to educate and support others to make healthier, greener nappy choices from the beginning, or to move away from sole use of disposables. Alongside the positive attitudes there have been negative ones too; for example well-meaning professionals telling us we should really get some disposables as we may be making life hard for ourselves using a reusable system.

This has led us to the conclusion that whilst individuals have their part to play, it is society as a whole that needs to get talking about nappies.

Parents need more support and encouragement to use reusable systems and it is time to bring them out of the sidelines and into mainstream awareness. This site represents us trying to do our little bit, we hope you find it helpful.

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