Merino Wool Shorts

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These shorts are made of fine, soft Merino wool. They are extremely comfortable for babies of all sizes, as well as providing a leakproof cover for the nappy.

The high waistband ensures baby’s tummy is kept lovely and warm which helps prevent wind. Baby is kept cosy without overheating, because wool naturally regulates body temperature very well.

The natural properties of the wool mean that excess urine is absorbed, which binds with the lanolin – the natural wax on wool fibres – and is neutralised. So if the shorts become a little damp they are simply hung in the fresh air; the wool fibres have a natural self-cleaning function meaning the shorts are left hygienically clean.

They can be washed every now and again using the Disana wool shampoo, and more lanolin added to help them stay waterproof; this is a very simple process using the Disana lanolin conditionerCheck out our guide to lanolising here.

Size Baby Age Baby Height
Extra Small* 0-3 months 50-56 cm
Small 3-6 months 62-68 cm
Medium 6-12 months 74-80 cm
Large 12-24 months 86-92 cm
Extra Large 2-3 years 98-104 cm
Extra Extra Large* 3-4 years 110-116 cm

*Only available in ‘Natural’colour

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